Nextcloud hosting

Store data GDPR-compliant domestically

Whether from a laptop, smartphone or PC: With our cloud system "Nextcloud" you have access to your data from anywhere. In contrast to Dropbox and many other cloud systems, your data remains in Austria or in the EU with "Nextcloud". This means that your data (e.g. customer data) is stored in compliance with the GDPR – and you avoid expensive penalties. See also

With "NextCloud" you have full control over your data and ensure secure data storage. This is essential, especially when it comes to sensitive company and customer data. In addition, you always have the latest version of the documents available, synchronization is automatic.

Our NextCloud solution offers you:

  • Secure data storage in Austria
  • GDPR-compliant storage, even for sensitive data
  • Location-independent access to your data
  • Automatic synchronization - the latest document version is always available
  • Modern file hosting
  • Easy to use