seminar management

Easily organize and manage courses and training

Now you can easily and easily manage the courses and training courses you offer. With the course module from 1Tool, you offer interested parties the opportunity to register online for one of your courses and to keep track of those courses that still have free places.

But 1Tool also offers the option of a waiting list for fully occupied courses. In this way, your company is always guaranteed a course with a full number of visitors, because even if people drop out before the start of the training, all those interested who have put themselves on the waiting list will move up.

Registration for courses takes place online and the participants can easily and simply enter all the necessary data in an online form, which is then immediately forwarded to the company. You always have an overview of which people have registered for which course or have secured a place on the waiting list. So that you can then also easily manage the contact details of your course participants, the entered data is immediately transferred to the 1Tool database.


administration of courses

The organization and administration of courses and training is often a major challenge for many companies. One of the biggest difficulties here is usually the registration of the course participants themselves, as well as the organization of their contact details. But the administration of the remaining free places has often proved to be problematic, since the perspective can quickly be lost with a large number of courses. 1Tool now creates the ideal solution for you and your company to handle these tasks optimally.


Plan your courses

With the new course management module, you are able to clearly prepare the variety of your courses and their availability for your customers. In addition to general descriptions of the training courses, interested parties can also see the costs, teaching units and the duration of the courses at a glance. In addition, thanks to the traffic light system, your customers will know immediately whether there are still places available for their desired course or not.