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Your career with us

Are you interested in a successful career in an up-and-coming IT company? Would you like to combine your studies with your work? Then you're in Koerbler the right place!

It is important to many students to be able to gain practical experience in addition to the knowledge they have acquired during their studies, in order to prepare themselves optimally for the professional world. 


Part-time study

Koerbler supports students in combining their studies with varied, practical activities and thus being able to qualify for their dream job. Students will work at Koerbler offered the opportunity to participate in various projects, to take on responsible tasks and to gain the experience that is important in the working world.

Another significant advantage for students is the flexible time management and the coordination of work with studies. Particular attention is paid to the fact that those activities and tasks that are relevant to the course are carried out in order to simplify and promote the recognition of connections and the linking of theory and practice.

Working in our company offers you a successful career start, which should help you to carry out projects and activities independently and thus acquire practical knowledge. If you really want to take the opportunity to start a promising career alongside your studies, then apply at:

Our committed and competent team is looking forward to a great cooperation!