incentive stores

Effective customer loyalty measure

Long-term customer relationships are among the most important resources of a company and guarantee both permanent sales and sustainable sales growth. Whether it's an anniversary or Christmas - with high-quality gifts from your Incentive store you can strengthen these customer relationships and positively influence the purchasing behavior of your customers. We help you to implement a professional incentive store for your company-wide locations and branches in order to long-term loyalty of customers, employees or business partners promote successfully. 


Essential approaches to incentives

From a marketing and sales perspective, you can use incentives to enormously expand your competitive advantage over other market participants and sustainably increase the satisfaction of your stakeholders. There are many motives for such incentive systems - these range from customer loyalty and new customer acquisition to employer branding and increasing the motivation of your employees.


Functional Overview

– Browser-based – no installations and programs required

– Intuitive usability and simple ordering process

– Authorization and release processes

– Easy reordering of previous purchases