We are part of this new cooperation
We are proud to announce that we are going into a partnership with the following 5 companies focused on digital congress solutions: documediaS ­– Körblermeta-fusion ­– netkey  and Waytation. The digital revolution in the world of congresses, conferences and meetings. As part of this alliance we are networked digital specialists – cooperative, experienced, individual, professional.

We see ourselves as team players in the congress landscape. The real-time combination of our highly specialised, digital solutions creates a flexible, modular tool landscape for the congress industry that can be renewed at any time.
CAPTURE – MANAGE – DELIVER – A seamlessly networked tool landscape

We were be presenting the principles of our company cooperative during IBTM World in November 2018:

  • transparent standard for data exchange of all types of digital congress resources
  • seamless, cost-free and secure data exchange in real time between all cooperating partners
  • universally open interfaces for new applications, innovative ideas and tailored customer requirements
  • decision on data sovereignty is taken exclusively by the customer

We are convinced that an open cooperative of comprising experts from various core industries can offer the best response to issues brought by the digital transformation in the congress world.

Member companies of the digital congress alliance

Our solutions for the digital congress industry

Membership management

Our software solution enables you to set up a comprehensive member database including custom fields and different membership types. The intuitive interface allows you to easily update your members’ information by editing their profile information, change their expiration or transfer them to a new membership type.

Accounting and payment for member organisations

We help you create your landing page where members can learn about your organization and register online for their membership. You can easily set up different membership types that vary in their expiration duration and payment interval. As members join your organization, they can login to the online member area and easily view their status or update their personal and payment information.

E-commerce & events for membership organisations

Our software solution has inspired greater event organization and has also empowered companies and nonprofits to manage a faster event check-in. Several functionalities like personalized event tickets and event reminders let you experience a fast improvement in how you run events and interact with your customers.
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